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UG20X / UG21X

Repair Tape

Ultra Invisible, Ultra sticky

UG21X 100x100.png

The Facts

Ultra invisibility is our superhero name!

Extremely flexible, ultra-strong, and super sticky! Our Transparent repair tape and patches are exactly what you need!

​With one of the strongest adhesions on the market, Ultra Grades

transparent repair tape and patches can be used in and outdoors, in ALL weather conditions, and is suited for the most demanding of jobs.


​Once applied it is almost impossible to remove and will provide a lifelong repair!


100% Air and waterproof
uv resistant for up to 1 year

available sizes:
8 PATCH KIT: 4pcs 25 x 25 mm,
2pcs 55 x 55 mm, 2pcs 25 x 55 mm

ROLL: 50 MM X 5 M

What can I repair?
Sun covers
Boat covers
Inflatable bath toys 
Rainwear / rubber boots
Tents & other camping gear
Plastic roofs
Vacuum storage bags
Waterproof dry bags
Scooter / motorbike seats

Caravan-UG gul.png
Weather-UG gul.png
Boat-UG gul.png
Inflatable-UG gul.png
Tent-UG gul.png
UG20X 100x100.png
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