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Mounting Tape

Ultra crystal clear, Ultra strong

UG40X 100x100.png

The Facts

Ultra Grade crystal clear mounting tape should be part of your life!

​Our ultra-transparent, double-sided mounting tape uses a “gel-like” adhesive that is super flexible and provides an extreme bond.


Once applied the tape is almost invisible!​  Excellent UV resistance the tape will not yellow or deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.


Perfect for use in or outdoors and works well in cold environments.


Easy to apply - once your surfaces are clean-cut your tape to length, apply the tape, and add firm pressure to the object you are mounting. For best results apply on smooth clean surfaces.


Uv resistant

Holding capacity:
100 mm of tape per 0,45 kg weight, object with a maximum depth of 19 mm.
75 % hold after 30 minutes, 100 % hold after 24 hrs.

Available SIZEs:
25 MM X 3 M

Where can I use iT?
Auto bodywork 
Sports gear
Action camera adapters
Electric devices 
Signs & emblems
Home accessories
household trims

In the garage

House-UG gul.png
Car-UG gul.png
Boat-UG gul.png
Caravan-UG gul.png
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